Rants, Raves and Pride


  • Found a wine bar in Newark. Nice bar tender, good wine and small tasty dishes.
  • Great Greek restaurant in New York – Kefi
  • Holiday-Inn with a roof top pool is great when its 30 degrees Celsius
  • Seven hours don’t give me a jet-lag. Cool.
  • The office is funnier each time i watch it. VOD on airplanes is cool. Only one reboot this flight.
  • WiFi in buses.
  • Nike opened up a custom store for the Mondeal . Free TV and free food. Nice concept.
  • Central Park.
New York Bus from Newark

New York Bus from Newark

Central Park Baseball

Central Park Baseball


  • Holiday-Inn with 802.1b wireless network . That’s 2Mbps per second for you ! for $200 a night.  You must be kidding.
  • Tried to take the bus from Newark to the city to some time and the planet. The result was a two hours drive and than 13 streets walk in 30 degrees Celsius after a 12 hours flight.
  • Tried to to take the train back to Newark.  I always forget Penn station is inside Madison Square garden. Why can’t the sign be idiot-proof like regular American guidance?
  • Online forms that require me to fill a state, although I’m not from the USA. Is George Bush still the president ?
  • Gyms with t-Shirts that say “Train Hard or Go Home”
  • Restaurants that don’t carry tooth-picks
Nike Mondeal Store

Nike Mondeal Store

Soccer Dog 2010

Soccer Dog 2010


  • Very nice game by Germany. I think they have good chance of winning.
  • Nice Pride parade in New York. No shooting as well.
  • The PHD ceremony in Bar Ilan university  had about 60% women, as far as I could count. Very encouraging , IMO. Only two Arabs, which is less encouraging.
Pride in New York 2010

Pride in New York 2010

Germany Soccer 2010

Germany Soccer 2010


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