Local Mini-Market Disappearance

Cute Human Watch Dog

Cute Human Watch Dog

My local mini-market is gone and I’m so sad.

Not long ago we had cute,slightly rugged, cheap mini-market that offered great service.

The store had four young owners ( my age 🙂 ) that worked on the store every day and every hour.

The results was they provided great service, were highly efficient and the pace was young and quick.

The deliveries were free, refunds easy and if one was missing kohlrabi the owners would go and get it.

They liked to hear feedback and despite having ש smaller selection , it was tailored to customers inputs.

One more thing – it had one of the cheapest price points, despite the central location in Yehuda Makabi street.

As a result the place was always packed , even though the much bigger Mega supermarket was located just across the street.

Alas, three months ago they sold to “Supersal”, a big retail store that decided they want to “rule” the new “niche” of “urban mini stores”.

The owners used the opportunity and sold the real estate at a very nice price.

So now we have a new “urban”,”local” “My Supersal” which is horrible.

The service is hostile,clueless  and slow, the dairy products are out of date and the stock is much smaller and more expensive.

This is what happens when marketing and finance are calling the decisions and analyzing the trends and numberz instead of using  EQ.

It was the owners that created the place and made it successful, not just the “concept” or the “strategy”.

They cared about customers happiness and their own reputation and revenues.

Right now the people who shop in the store

  • have nothing to do with the people who work in the store
  • who have nothing to do with the people who manager the chain
  • who have nothing to do with the owners of the chain
  • whoa are probably the customers as it is publicly traded chain store …

And the the new store is quite empty – in the same location.


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