Ten Famous Jews in Hi-Tech

The list does not imply any conclusions in either direction. Some of the people below may not even think of themselves as “Jews”, but I still thought it was interesting and maybe inspiring as well.

I left out many famous Israeli Jews in Hi-Tech , as the list would be much longer. The names appear in no particular order. Strangely, the best sources were either Jewish journals or horrible anti-Semitic web sites.

  1. Steve Balmer, Microsoft, CEO
  2. Larry Page, Google , CEO and founder
  3. Sergey  Brin, Google , Founder
  4. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Founder
  5. Sheryl Kara Sandberg, Facebook, CEO
  6. Marc Russell Beniof, Salesforce.com , CEO and Founder
  7. Larry Ellison, Oracle, CEO and Founder
  8. Michael Dell, Dell  , CEO
  9. Sir Michael Moritz, Sequoia
  10. Andy Grove, Intel , Former CEO

Sergey Brin, Wikipedia

Mark Zukckerberg, Wikipedia

Larry Page, Wikipedia

Steve Balmer, Wikipedia

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