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Dissonance and the “Shin Gimel” effect

October 15, 2011

Imagine that every day when you enter your office building you have to wait 20 minutes for the receptionist to let you in.

She is busy talking in her cell phone about last night’s episode of Dexter, smoking a cigarette or looking for a temp badge in the computer.

She is quite hostile all along in a passive-active-aggressive manner, forgetting to use “Thank You”, “Excuse me”, “How Can I help you”, and relevant phrases.

Once you pass the guard, you have to look for parking. The old, large, parking area is now closed off ,because the logistics department wanted to paint some barrels a few months ago.

As a result you end up parking in an illegal parking spot, wasting 15 minutes for the parking search and ten minutes walk to the office.

The implicit message is clear – your time is not valued here , the “chiefs” do not care about wasting your time.

While this story comes from a governmental faculties (“Shin Gimel is the hebrew acronym for an army  guard ), some high-tech companies send a similar message.

In one company I know the guests had no access to the restrooms or a proper sitting place  in the lobby. There are many companies without a proper parking arrangement or validation, even for customers.  In some cases the guards have lost the Israeli ID, that was given to them to vouch for the guest badge …

To contrast, having a courteous receptionist, well designed lobby, easy parking and efficient process send a clear signal to employees and customers.

Your time is important and we value your presence.

Confused Parking - Fail Blog

Confused Parking - Fail Blog

Funny Parking Signes

January 17, 2009

As I noted previously instructions to Israelis and software developers need to be very explicit.

It seems that when it comes to parking instructions American need the same clear statements.

Dont Even Think of Parking Here sign in San Francisco

Dont Even Think of Parking Here sign in San Francisco

And the Israeli version from Tel Aviv , next to Basel street.

No Parking , Not for Five Minutes, Not for One Minute, Not Even for a Second, Drivers will be Sorry

No Parking , Not for Five Minutes, Not for One Minute, Not Even for a Second, Drivers will be Sorry

Abolish Registred Mail – Save the Planet

August 8, 2008

There are some things in life that have no justification at all.

Buckwheat is one ( unless you are a cow ). Another one is registered mail. Invented in 1556 , it is now completely useless. The only items I get in registered mail are parking tickets. The mailman always delivers them when I’m at work, as I work in a start-up, after all.

Than I get lazy and go pick it up from the post office after three weeks ( second warning issued … ). By that time , after spending expensive fuel, and waiting in queue, the letter is already gone . They usually can’t even tell me who the sender was. If i get it , it is always another Tel Aviv parking report.

The funny thing is that legally, if you don’t claim your registered mail, it is still considered as if you had.

Why can’t they just leave the stupid thing in my mail box ? If they consider it “accepted” anyway, wouldn’t it be a better idea to actually deliver the darn report to me ?

Oh, there is also this thing called email. I hear it is going to be big one day. Not so sure about PKI.