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Nokia will drop Symbian

November 19, 2009

Not a big  surprise for readers of my previous appliances vs software posts . Developing code for Symbian kernel was even worst than developing code for Apple kernel.

Symbian is an incongruous business concept . The company is supposed to make money selling an operating system, while the owners of Symbian ( Nokia ) really need people to get the operating System for free. Talk about catch 22. It was supposed to be independent and vendor free , while Nokia actually controlled it. It was supposed to attract developers, but you could not get your app on the phone easily.

Which MBA Genius ever came up with this plan? Don’t even get me going on horrible certification, licensing, white rooms, reference boards and 3500 Euros for developer for the pleasure of working in this non standard OS. The only good thing about it was C++.

Go Linux:)



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