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Five Best Songs for Pogo (Dancing)

April 12, 2012
POGO Dancing

POGO Dancing

In memory of many fun Friday nights in  “Zman Amiti”.

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash
  • Killing in The Name, Rage Against the Machine
  • Papa Won’t Leave You Henry, Nick Cave
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana
  • Debaser, Pixies

From Wikipedia: The basic steps allow for a variety of interpretations, some of which might appear quite violent. Pogo dancers have their choice of:

  • keeping their torsos rigid or thrashing them about;
  • holding their arms stiffly at their sides or flailing them;
  • keeping their legs together or kicking about;
  • jumping straight up and down, jumping in any direction, or spinning in the air.

Occasionally, dancers collide, but this is not necessarily part of pogo dancing. An uninformed bystander might get the impression that the dancers are attacking one another. People sometimes get injured when pogoing, but, more often than not, pogoers who fall to the ground are helped up instead of getting trampled.