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Tel Aviv Rock Concert Billboards

May 7, 2010

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Click the pictures to enlarge.  From a construction site on Shinkien and Yehuda Helevy.


My Top 10 Rock Concerts

June 6, 2009

Swing your hips
Loose your head, and let it spin
Swing your hips
Loose you head, and let it spin
And we will look together
For the pan within

I was standing in line to buy tickets for the Scouts 90 years reunion (55 Shekel ). It was a long line as the same ticket office is also selling 2500 shekel  tickets for the Madonna concert on September 1st.

While I’ll probably miss the Madonna show, it reminded me of some of the concerts I enjoyed most.Here we go, not according to any specific order.

1. The Pogues in Brixton academy . London, UK, 2001

I flew to London especially for the Pogues reunion with my brother.

There were 4921 Drunk Irish and pseudo Irish in the very suitable surrounding of Brixton. Shane MacGowan looked like he is going to die any second, but still has not to this day.

People were singing before the show, during the show and all the way back on the Tube.

2. The Waterboys in Irving Plaza, New York, USA , 2001

It was a few weeks after 911 and the smoke was still rising over ground zero.Nick Cave has canceled his show due to the events,but Mike Scott kept his.

He played all the Classics with a great band and rock attitude. It seemed he is as nice and talented  in person as his persona is.

Waterboys in Israel Ticket - The one I didn't go to

Waterboys in Israel Ticket - The one I didn't go to

The pan within is one the greatest Waterboys songs.Not as famous as “Fisherman blues” or “Whole of the Moon”, but it stands for everything great about the band. Watch the Violin solo.

3. Eran Zur – The Pilegesh Club , Rehovot, Israel, 1995

Eran Zur had only two “Carmela Gross Vagner” albums at this time, but the crowd was so excited that he played both albums two times ! Best chemistry I have ever seen. In the end he just said : “I have no more songs for you”.

Strangely, the the venue , a Rock club in Rehovot was a great fit for the show.

4. Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Baltimore Arena, Maryland , 2000

Coolest band in the world, at the time. Definitely the best live band I’ve seen.

No videos at that time yet :). But this clip is pretty similair.

And another one , since the “Otherside” is the best song form the album.

5. R.E.M + Radiohead – Ramat Gan stadium, 1995, Israel

We got two for the price of one !

Radiohead were the cover band, just after “The bends” was rleased .What a great start.

Only 20,000 people came and some critics complained ,but seeing “Fall on Me” ,”So Central Rain”,”Country Feedback” and “Let me in” live in Israel can not match anything else.

And here is a very nice interview ( Dave Letterman ?)

6. Barry Saharof and Rea Mochiach 11Aleph – Jerusalem, June, 2006

It was four days before the wedding and we had to do something “different” before all the ceremonies.

An mazing album that conatins the (almost) only instrumental bit that I like.

7. The White Stripes – Primervare Sound Festival – Barcelona, 2003

I actually came to see Belle and Sebastian and Sonic Youth, both gave a nice show.

However, the White Stripes’ energy , at 2AM in the morning came out fresh, massive and made everyone else seem “old”.

I had to fight to get a ride back to my hotel, to make it on time to my 6AM flight back to Israel. No time to shower at all ….

8. Nick Cave -Haifa Blues Festival , 1995

There is no such thing as a bad Nick Cave concert.This specific one was set in Haifa’s port and the rugged atmosphere felt right.

P.J Harvey was a great intro and it seems Mr Cave felt at home in the middle of a blues festival.

I kept the T-Shirt till 2009.


9. The Pixies &  RHCP – Phoenix Park on Saturday June 12th,Ireland, 2004

The pixies are not a great live band, and RHCP were not as good as in Maryland. Still, it’s the Pixies , Live in 2004 !

Took us about 3 hours walk from Dublin center to get to this huge park ( with a stop in the Guinness brewery ) and 3 hours to get out of it.

It it is 7 times the size of Central park …

Phoenix Park , Dublin

Phoenix Park , Dublin

10. Morissey in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008

Yes, he looks like Elvis now. But that’s a sort of compliment.

And “Irish Blood,English Heart” seems like a good sign-of for the hidden Irish theme of this post.