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Bill Clinton and Leadership

January 5, 2011

I’m reading Bill Clinton’s biography with a lot of interest

(450 pages done,500 to go. Can probably do it on my flights home).

Despite his many personal “challenges” he is able to get across a very impressive leadership style, that combines ultra competitiveness with humility and compassion. And I  guess we willing to forgive amazing leaders even when their personal life is not up to standards.

Moreover, he openly admits his mistakes and is able to learn from them.

This is much needed in Hi-Tech as much as government.

In his first term as Arkansas Governor he raised taxes on new cars, which caused him to lose his second term.

As he was touring in a third attempt he met a person in the country side:

Bill: Did you vote for me the last time ?

P: No. Because of the stupid taxes.

Bill: will you vote for me this time ?

P: Yes . Because of the stupid taxes.

Bill: As much as  I hate losing another voter, you understand it does not make any sense.

P: It makes perfect sense. You are a smart person. You’re the only person I’m 100% sure would not raise these taxes ever again.