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Americana 2010

March 7, 2010

Should we talk about the weather?

Should we talk about the government?

  1. New Jersey Family Forced To Cover Up “Indecent” Snow Babe. Funny.
Nude Venus in ICE

Nude Venus in ICE

2. SF police chief backs off Taser plan

3.  Snow from the plane. New York to California.

Snowy America

Snowy America

4. Recession sign – No Greylock party in the RSA conference this year.

5. Recession sign two- “Coyote Point” inn has stopped serving bagels for breakfast. Just toast for the poor guests.

6. I heard that some American companies removed all the text from their user manuals, since they were sued by people who can’t read.

When a nation embraces ignorance, maybe that’s not a good sign (I apologize for insulting the illiterates , but I assume they are not reading my blog).

7. How come 5GB cellular surfing package costs $23 per month in Israel  and  $60 in California? and coverage in Israel is much better.

8. No recession sign

Dog Spa

Dog Spa

9. Recession for the tall – Continental offers extra leg room – for $59.

Does it mean a short person like me gets a discount on current prices ?

10. Why do closed captions have a ten  seconds latency after the video and sound?

How do people who really need it get by ?

Closed Captions Latency

Closed Captions Latency

11.  America’s Top Psychic Directory. Jet-lag makes me watch infomercials.

You must be kidding

You must be kidding

12. No Lawyer is worth $600 per hour.



January 16, 2009

The Economist Style guide has a great section on Americanisms, thanks to Rani for pointing me to the link.

In a dry, British fashion they analyze the American use of the English language.

Some nice quotes:

Other Americanisms are euphemistic or obscure (so avoid affirmative action, rookies, end runs, stand-offs, point men, ball games and almost all other American sporting terms).

Put adverbs where you would put them in normal speech, which is usually after the verb (not before it, which usually is where Americans put them).

Cricket is a game not a sport. London is the country‘s capital, not the nation‘s.

In Britain, though cattle and pigs may be raised, children are (or should be) brought up.

Gubernatorial is an ugly word that can almost always be avoided.

For Start-Ups:

Grow a beard or a tomato but not a company. By all means call for a record profit if you wish to exhort the workers, but not if you merely predict one. And do not post it if it has been achieved. If it has not, look for someone new to head the company, not to head it up.

You may program a computer but in all other contexts the word is programme.

Vilest of all is the habit of throwing together several nouns into one ghastly adjectival reticule: Texas millionaire real-estate developer and failed thrift entrepreneur Hiram Turnipseed…

Read the original link to be amused.

New York New York

New York New York