Who Moved my Espresso Machine?

Hi-Tech Office Espresso Machine

Our Hi-Tech Office Espresso Machine

Background –  our office occupied half of the floor and due to exceptional growth in Beer Sheva we added the second half of the floor. The distance between the two parts is about six meters.

 A short water cooler talk with one of my employees, lets call him Dean.
Dean: “When will we have an espresso machine in our side of the floor?”
Me: “Never”
Dean: “Why, are they better than us?”
Me: “Yes”
Dean: Silence.
If you ask stupid questions, you’ll get stupid answers :). To be honest, I’m also located in the side without an expresso machine.
While I agree on the  importance of gourme food in software development , walking 15 second to get a top notch espresso is easy enough, even for our semi spoiled industry.

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