iPhone to BlackBerry , ThinkPad to Mac, Gmail to Exchnage

Japanese Gardens Albert Kahn Paris May, With Blackberry Bold

Japanese Gardens Albert Kahn Paris May, With Blackberry Bold

I moved from a 50 people company to 50,000 people company, but the important changes are in my computing environment 🙂 Quick observations, after one month:

  • The fact that phones are still in “Logistics”  department and not under “IT” is obsolete. These are “Smart Phones”, after all.
  • The BlackBerry bold  is inferior to the iPhone in almost every aspect. The usability, the performance, the applications, the browser , the contacts and so on. I don’t even like the keyboard too much.
  • In the words of my five-years old nephew : “Why did they take the phone with the birds away from you?” and in his sad little eyes : “Will you promise to have the birds back again for next time you visit me?”
  • Macs do get stuck. Mine gets stuck quite often. Probably because of the Cisco’s VPN client, but it mysteriously gets stuck even after a restart and requires a hard boot.  I remember form Check Point days that Apple’s API for VPN was quite horrible, but it does not make me feel better.
  • The Mac is very very heavy compared to my X61 Lenovo. It is quite a burden travelling between Beer Sheba, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan,  Herzelia, San Mateo and Boston. My back really hurts.
  • Drag and drop with the multi-touch is horrible. I have to use a normal mouse to move my emails into folders. And with my system for handling email, it is critical.
  • Office 2011 on Mac is not horrible. Microsoft communicator is quite annoying, but the built-in camera works very well and video quality is very nice.  Does anyone know how to get  it to sign in automatically ?
  • The Mac screen is awesome. It even makes the Blackberry photos look good.
  • I guess Google can make $2B just from replacing exchange around the world. I suspect in two years they would.
  • I’m carrying about 16 different forms of private key:  10 physical keys, 2 parking RFID keys, two employee badges , one SecureID , one cell phone with SIM. Can we have a start-up that unites all of these?  This is so 20th century and does not add any security, it just makes me look like janitor 🙂

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