Product Management Case Study – The Yogurt

One of the hardest problems in product management is choosing the right defaults.

The cowards let the users see all the options and confuse them to death.

Yogurt from Iceberg Tel Aviv Without Proper Defaults

Yogurt from Iceberg Tel Aviv Without Proper Defaults

Iceberg has one of the best ice cream  shops in Tel Aviv, and maybe in the world. Their Yogurt combination provides a wonderful mixture of honey, granola, slightly sour yogurt and fresh fruit in a very affordable price (22NIS).

I had the Yogurt deal( “Yogo”) In their original location on Ben Yehuda street on many occasions.

Yesterday I tried to get the same deal in their Ibn Gvirol franchise.

To my horror, the clerk asked me “what do you want in the yogurt?” and offered 20 different options – candies, walnuts, almonds, chocolate and so forth.

I do not know what I want. If I were to choose I would take all candies, and the result would be horrible.

Please make the right decision and mix for me. I can’t make such decisions on an empty stomach.


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8 Responses to “Product Management Case Study – The Yogurt”

  1. Tamir Gefen Says:

    Hi Ophir
    We’re using polls in order to set the right default.

  2. mati Says:

    Hi Ophir,
    I totally agree with you. We should be responsible for what we do: no customization, no options, no setup and no so on. Either you like and buy or don’t like it, and we fail.

  3. ugilad Says:

    Oh my god, you stole my post!

    Funny how people can be inspired by similar things… 🙂

  4. Gilad Says:


    For ages I’ve claimed that restaurants should have a default dish for people that can’t or wont choose off of the menu.

    For extra points, said dish should be called “The usual”, which allows even a new comer to the restaurant to say: “I’ll have the usual, please” and sound very sophisticated. 🙂

    • ophirk Says:

      The French has it for a long time : “plat du jour menu” :). They know something about food. Since I barely got 60 in 8th grade French, it is my favorite dish in Paris.

  5. Danny Says:

    I have a friend who had special bottles for indecisive people. One was labeled “doesn’t matter”, one was labeled “something cold”, and was was labeled “something diet”. They all contained water with pretty frightening food dyes. He used to show them to his guests whenever they asked for any of these things. The guests would jump up in horror and become more specific.

  6. SharonP Says:

    Great post.
    You probably saw this one before, but this is too similar to ignore…
    Both the concept and the examples.

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