My first 24 hours with iPad (and Google)

Although I went to the iPad launch in San Francisco, I preferred my morning coffee over actually standing in line.  I did have the sense to buy some Apple shares at $196 as they went down a bit after the announcement ($345 today, in case you are not following ).

But the time has come.Instead of replacing my personal R61 Battery and fan, I decided to buy my spouse an iPad for her birthday (stop laughing, there was a dress involved as well).

The main problems with the R61 were :

  • It is far too heavy (3.5KG with charger) to be mobile
  • It has too many options (e.g File System,Control Panel) if you only want to surf the net (“Isn’t Google == Internet”)
  • Wireless\3G Connectivity is annoying and complex on XP
  • Strange Hard Drive problems that require System restore every so often

I’m trying the iPad for couple of days now, here are few early impressions:

  • It is not easy to create\edit content. For example in I can not see the text for some reason (had to go back to my x61 to write this blog)
  • Battery life seems great. I don’t have to charge it every minute like my iPhone
  • Not sure if the Apps are really needed here. The screen is big enough that websites SHOULD work like on a normal PC
  • I could not upload a document to Google docs. iPad has no “open file system”  and Google removed the option to upload by email. This is the sort of annoying “closed garden” effect we are starting to see. Grrrrr
  • No Picasa app for iPhone or iPad. Similar problem to the above.
  • The sync from my Itunes->iPhone to iPad was very impressive. I got all my data in sync nicely. I did ran our of disk space on my PC because Apple creates a second “optimized’ copy of every photo, but it was not so hard to solve.
Wordpress Problem on iPad

Wordpress Problem on iPad

  • The iPhone’s apps don’t move so well into iPad (they are small with lousy resolution) but in some cases it’s good enough with 2X size.
  • It does not burn my lap like the thinkpad. Cool and tender.
  • When things go wrong it is hard to understand why. I was not able to play youtube movies because of a router problem, but the error messages were quite cryptic.
  • I love the photos and movies color and details
  • Why does Google show the mobile version for iPad ? It’s much more limited.
  • Not sure on how to close tabs in Safari. I’m sure there is an easier way than the one I’m using 🙂
  • For some reason the @ sign is not part of the virtual keyboard default when filling out forms. iPhone is better here.
  • GPS is very cool. I assume there is no Compass 😦
  • Rhapsody is working.It basically means I can hear every song ever recorded, if it is not in Hebrew.
  • Hebrew support is impressive

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