Carless in Tel Aviv

On Sunday, I returned my leased car to Avis after three years and 28,000KM.

The Avis guy was quite surprised : “The car is brand new”, which is quite accurate.

On most days I spend all of the time in our office, which is  four KM from home. With the parking status in Tel-Aviv I usually use Line #5 minibuses which stop in front of our building and go all the way to Dizengof, Rothschild etc.

So, I’m trying to save the environment and some 2500 NIS a month. Will see how it goes.

Lessons so far

  • Car2Go looks like an interesting option for business travel to Raanana\Herzelia\Airport City. Need to check it out.
  • Taxi drivers believe that reforms Jews believe in Christ. I was unable to use facts in this discussion.
  • Taxis+iPhone give me another 15 minuets of work each direction, and  no need to look for parking.
  • It is extremely hot and humid in Tel-Aviv in July …
  • A bus from Namir road is probably cheapest way into the office. Some walking required (see item above)
  • Amdocs sends guests to an external paid parking (15NIS)
  • Be nice to your spouse and she will lend you her (mine…) car
Mazda 3 Boring

My Late Mazda 3


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4 Responses to “Carless in Tel Aviv”

  1. Tamir Gefen Says:

    “Taxi drivers believe that reforms Jews believe in Christ. I was unable to use facts in this discussion.”
    Like 🙂

    BTW, I use motorcycle it TLV. That’s another option.

  2. Gal Katz Says:

    I was also thinking about using Car2Go at the past but never got a chance. If you’re trying it please publish your opinion.

    About the humidity – we haven’t seen the worst of the Israeli summer yet…

  3. ophirk Says:

    Short Update:

    1. Taxis are 30-37 Shekels one way, depending on traffic.Takes about 10-15 minutes and no need to look for parking.

    2. Minibus #5 takes costs 5.8 Shekel and takes 20 minutes ride + 10 minutes walk.

    3. Walking from work to Yoga class is faster than driving+parking.
    And I get worm and sweaty to class, so no need for a warm up.

    3. Didn’t use Car2Go yet. I borrow my car from my wife when I need to.

  4. Efri Says:

    Welcome to the club!
    We’re a carless family in Tel-Aviv for 3 years now.

    Office is 15 mins of bike ride – very convenient (except for those humid days…). If you add dropping our daughter in a kindergarten that has NO parking space nearby – you add 12 mins of a round-trip, which is s the best deal you’ll get I think.

    On some of the weekends we rent a car. We found Budget to be the best option – not too far from home, comfortable prices (especially if you order through the internet, you need to do so >1 day in advance, and avoid the few high-season times), friendly staff. Others will do the job as well. Didn’t try car2go yet.

    Enjoy your freedom.

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