Ten Myths on UI, Usability and Israeli Develoeprs

The below is presentation I gave in the Israeli Software Development forum.

As usual, only my private opinions, unrelated to our company.

If I’ll get a lot of requests I’ll add more text to explain the presentation 🙂

Fell free to check my old posts on UI developers, usability and product management.








5 Responses to “Ten Myths on UI, Usability and Israeli Develoeprs”

  1. Uri Says:

    +1 on getting the texts up, especially on slide 6

  2. Ten Myths on UI, Usability and Israeli Develoeprs « Evil Fish | usability Says:

    […] Ten Myths on UI, Usability and Israeli Develoeprs « Evil Fish development, israeli, israeli-develoeprs-, israeli-software, myths, private, private-opinions […]

  3. Dekel Says:

    Great presentation!
    Many of those myths are true also for graphic and web design 😉

  4. gil perzy Says:

    great presentation!

  5. Ido Schacham Says:

    Cool. How were the developers’ reactions to this presentation?

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