Sex,Tennis and Statistics. Three is Enough.

I just read that some people think it is unfair that women tennis players finally get the same prizes as men. That helped Serena Williams set a new revenue record.

They claim that because women play three sets, they should get smaller prizes.

While I think the argument is quite stupid, I tried to look at it from a completely different angle.

Is there any reason that men play five sets ?

In other words, in how many cases was the match winner different than the “winner” after three sets ?

According to Wimbledon 2009 statistics , only in 6% (8 out of 127) of the cases the winner  of the match was able to reverse the score.

One could argue that these 6%  are the most interesting ones, but I’m not sure this is true.

To me , it seems that it might be better to have three sets for both men and women. It is hard to watch Tennis for so long anyway 🙂

And here are the numbers, just in case….

Day   Leader-Won Turn-Around

1     27      2

2     33      0

3    14        3

4     16       1

5     6         0

6     10      0

7     7        1

9      3        1

11    2        0

13    1        0


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