California Church
California Church
I’m writing this post on American Airlines flight 1823 from Seattle to Dallas.The cool part is that I have WiFI on the plane.

It was available about five years ago ,but the old service was not economical. This one works quite well.

It is always interesting to get back to the states. although it my birth place , I’m always surprised about the small differences.

  • Californians can’t drive in the rain. I have brought on them the worst storm in 50 years.Eight inches in a day.
  • The bigger surprise was that the Seattle drivers can’t drive in the rain either. Really. And they have rain all year-long.
  • A sign in the second floor of an office building  – “the ADA approved restrooms are in the first floor“. That does not really help the blind, does it ?
  • The hotel breakfast has orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, but no H2O in sight.Except for that eight inches of rain.
  • There are Hebrew(s) and Jews everywhere. The San Mateo Korean laundry guy studied three years in Tel Aviv university. The barber next door is a Russian Jew named Sasha with relatives in Sderot. The Seattle newsstand actually has a Yiddish newspaper next to the fisherman bulletin. Don’t even get me started on our numbers in Hi-Tech.
  • Yiddish Newspaper in Seattle
    Yiddish Newspaper in Seattle
  • The socialist corner. Seems like nothing was learned from the banks’ crisis.  It is “good” for “everyone” that the bankers make millions in bonuses. If the CEO makes 180 Million , than the CIO makes five Million and he can buy IT for 20 Million. Then the vendor sales person wants to make 500K$. That’s all fine, but the base of the pyramid just went bankrupt. Maybe that’s why pyramids are built by slaves 🙂
  • Capitalist corner. Why would I want to hire someone who starts on talking about his IPO rights ? There were almost no tech IPO for the last two years anyway.Shouldn’t we just focus on creating a great company first?
  • Garmin GPS confuses Van Ness and Mission streets all the time.Just when getting out of the 101 highway. It is at a problem for at least a year now. Can anyone fix it ?
  • Texas confuses the GPS even more.When the exit itself is one mile long and split into to highways,one should only trust the signs.
  • I haven’t been to Texas for 19 years, since I taught wilderness survival in camp Constantin. Still, there is 3:1 ratio of Texas Flags to American flags.
  • Texas Flags Outnumber American Flags

    Texas Flags Outnumber American Flags - Click for Details

  • Green in Texas? It is GM Trucks month in Texas 🙂
  • Texas Green Truck ?

    Texas Green Truck ?

  • I saw more uniformed American soldiers in Dallas airport in one day than in two months in San Francisco. Just saying.
  • Green in Texas hotel room. Why would anyone need two queen size beds with seven  pillows in each bad?
  • In Texas medium rare is medium rare.In California it is rare that  medium rare is medium rare.It is usually well done. Which is not well. Done.
  • Rare Squid in Seattle

    Rare Squid in Seattle

  • To prevent DUI, Texas has a mechanism in cars to prevent the car to start when the drivers’ breath contains alcohol. Strange.
  • In California age discrimination at work is defined,by default, as firing anyone who is 40+. In Israel it is up to judge to decide on the merit of the case. Seems to make more sense. Discrimination can start at 39 and might not exist on 42.
  • Downloading films in the Airport is a cool idea. for three dollars you can download any film to the laptop. Only problem is the ActiveX crashes.
Download Movies in Airport

Download Movies in Airport


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One Response to “Americana”

  1. KE Says:

    Heh… yeah, I’m convinced only Bostonians can drive in the rain. And Seattle doesn’t really have rain very much, just lots of grey and wet 😦

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