Video Killed The Radio Star

Here is a nice collection of 80’s vinyl singles I bought in Amsterdam.

Scanned for your amusement.The images are quite large, so click for details.

“Video Killed The Radio Star”  is the song MTV aired with. Now should be renamed to “YouTube Killed the Video Star”.

Shout by Tears for fears was symbolic of the dark Reagan and Shamir days on the early 80’0.

And Road to Nowhere was an optimistic(?) version of the same situation. This is a great album with a very cool (80’s word) cover.

I’m Still not sure I figured this one out, but I used to play it repeatedly back then.

Did you know Rod Stewart performed in Tel Aviv ? Luckily, I was too young to be there.

This video was censored at the time. Is it because of the Banana on 1:07 ?

Today we have CSI Miami with much harder picture to watch (mostly David Caruso whispering annoyingly).

The artist formerly known as Prince does not allow his songs youtube, you’ll have to suffer this version.

One night in Bangkok. First white hip hop ? Rap Musical ? “One town is very like the other”.

And the only one still around. Not my cup of tea , but can’t really resist.


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2 Responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star”

  1. KE Says:

    1. I think I’m depressed at how that collection of classic vinyl makes me nostalgic… (and yes, I can still sing the lyrics to most of those songs)

    2. Ah, you got ONE version of “One Night In Bankok” — but there were two videos out at the time, the other was by Robey 🙂

    (Warning: do not watch this video without the special “save me from these ’80’s images” goggles…)

  2. The Best Tool for Creating GUI Mockups « Evil Fish Says:

    […] requires some artistic sense, and using the fill brush to erase screen bits feels so 80’s […]

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