11 Trivial Inventions We all Need

Square Egg

Square Egg

1. How come we can send a man to the moon, but can’t detect when the car tire is under pressured ? I Just found out that I was driving on 16PSI instead of 32PSI. Same for oil level.Same for car battery.

Funny Cat On Tire

Funny Cat On Tire

2. Automatic shirt ironing machine. Can be built using nano-technology  or little robotic ants, as far as I’m concerned.

A shirt-ironing machine from Siemens

A shirt-ironing machine from Siemens

3. Full text indexing for PC’s. I uninstalled Google desktop last week. It just does not work.

4. A way to get my cell phone SMS and voicemail in my email account. Please, Pretty please. Willing to pay.

5. A simple way to coordinate meetings across organizations and timezones.Something like exposing my google calendar to every admin in the world. It can be done in theory, but  it does not really work.

6. SMS messages that are longer than 60 characters , or whatever the limit is. Come on. Really.I can load them the bandwidth.

7. Israeli restaurants accepting tips in credit card. Same for Israeli taxis. 🙂

8. When will we have a normal,working tool to sync Outlook and Gmail ?

Brain Scanner

Brain Scanner

9. Network based Scanners. And printers. Isn’t it time we could use the home All-In-One devices without an attached desktop and horrible drivers. Back in 1995 I used a protocol with the great name ,TWAIN , ( Technology Without an interesting name ) to connect scanners and PC’s. Can’t we have TWAIN over WiFi ? We can call it  TWAINFI.

10. Real unification of all credit cards,sim, small change and debit cards into one simple Smart Card.No more wallets for men. The technology seems to be around for years, what’s the big problem ?

11. Laser based tooth brush that cleans the teeth in 20 seconds with perfect results.

Laser based Tooth Brush

Laser based Tooth Brush


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