Working ,Networking and NonWorking – Part 2

In Part one I tried to explain how many “schmoozing” events can waste one’s time and push productivity down the drain.

In this post I’ll explain when networking is a valuable, productive and even a friendly habit.

People around me claim i’m usually over optimistic and tend to see the full half of the glass. Even when the world financial system collapsed, I thought it might bring a change and sanity to the bankers’ outrageous salaries.

Young Bankers ?

Young Bankers ?

I belive in helping other people. If you can aid another person  it gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and maybe this person would return a favor some time in the future. Recruiting is one clear example of both.

In our company we recruited at least 60% of the employees through friendly referrals from people that we already knew in the past.We were even able to recruit VP positions using LinkedIn. Since I have many friends who are managers with hard to fill  open positions and many acquaintances who are looking for a new job, it is a great joy to help both sides.

I don’t always like to assist friends to reformat the hard drive but it is really fun to help others to improve their resumes and market their capabilities.It is quite often that I get a friends’  CV and I try to return it to him with gentle improvement suggestions.

Another example is acquiring the first customers for a start-up. In the early stages , one has to rely on personal connections. Obviously, there is no product, no marketing and no sales people. The main available possible assets are friendship,trust and greed.



  • Friendship means – I’m helping you because I like you and I want to help you.
  • Trust means – I know you can build a great product that will help me even though you have nothing right now.
  • Greed means – I will help you only because I know you and I gnat to make sure it will help me in the future, or right now.


Many people think only of greed when they think of “Networking”, but in many cases I found that trust and friendship are the major motives for a building a great helpful network in business and life.


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