Working,Networking and Non-Working Part 1

Great business meeting and presentation

Great business meeting and presentation

As a manager it is quite  easy to waste one’s time and stop producing value.

For example, the overall cost of a twenty minutes presentation, out of the office,can be at least two hours, if not five. In many cases this is a presentation that one must give, but will not have any results at 99.999% probability. Here is how it sums up:

  • 15 minutes to coordinate the meeting schedule, understand the purpose,print the map, press the printer annoying  letter-to-A4 button
  • 15 minutes to adapt the standard presentation for this specific event and forum
  • 15-45 minute drive to the  location ( Herzelia is 15 minutes away  in 12am , but 45 minutes away in 0930 🙂 )
  • 15 minutes for parking,if lucky
  • 15 minutes delay, coffee,move laptop to presentation mode (reboot, GPRS, close SKYPE, hide extra toolbars)
  • 20 minutes presentation
  • 30 minutes drive back to the office , get laptop back to normal working mode

and this is just the minimal amount of time. Now imagine the next situation :


The meeting is in Herzelia in 1030, so it is better to drive directly from home,  since our office is on the other direction and there is no point arriving in 9 if I need to leave on 10.

Suddenly I hear  a voice – “If you are at home you must finish the dirty dishes and pay the gas bills”.  There goes the work form home concept down the drain. I might need a separate post on why “work from home” and “work life balance” are Californian euphemisms  for not working 🙂

Man doing the Dirty dishes Left at the Sink

Man doing the Dirty dishes Left at the Sink


If I’m already in Herzelia and missed lunch in the office, it makes sense to do a business  lunch with a fellow VP, that I didn’t meet for a long time .Oops … there goes another  60 minutes.

In this scenario one only gets to the office at 2PM , having done “nothing” for a potential good six hours. these hours could have been used for real productive work – creating quotes for new prospects,working with the team leaders on their goals, recruiting new employees, working with the product manager to refine requirements, study the competition, share information with people in the company, reviewing the new version features, create mock-ups for cool new product. Well, not today. To make matters worst all this driving around in 100% humidity is making me sleepy.

I admit I’m being quite conservative here. I feel that the right way to measure managers and employees is by results and actual “products”. Meeting are wonderful, if they have a concrete reason and high probability to bring actual accomplishments.

  • Sales people are to generate purchase orders and happy customers, not just “meetings”
  • CEOs should recruit great executives, drive all the execution of the company, generate sales and drive great operational organization
  • Business development is there to generate revenues or exits
  • Project managers should produce successful working projects and magnificent project plans
  • Developers should be writing high quality code and features, not only studying libraries, concepts and tools
  • Marketers should be generating content, leads and measurable traction

If they are not, they might be producing content in other places. Like facebook.

There are few immediate questions that come to mind:

  • How does one create “networking”  without meeting other people ?
  • Is “networking” needed or is it just another words for “macher” ?
  • Why do I have 785 connection in LinkedIn, a blog, and an active facebook account  if this is such a waste of time ?

I’ll try to provide the answers in the next part of this post.


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2 Responses to “Working,Networking and Non-Working Part 1”

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  2. Metal Halide Lamp Says:

    working from home is the best job that you can get, you will always find comfort in your home while working .`~

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