Uncranking Sales Engineers Training

My experience shows that it is quite hard win over European sales engineers during a sales kick off.

While the American ones tend to be enthusiastic and join the vision-future-roadmap, the European are usually skeptical, technical and knowledgeable.

The two interesting posts made me think that working with the actual product in the sales kick off works well for all parties. The SE’s gain trust in the product. the product manager gets real feedback from tens of experts in real time.

Sales engineers  don’t have to stare at five  hours long  boring presentations and the product manager does not  have to get them approved with the CMO.

Shameless plug starts here – While it is hard for most companies to get 50 labs up and running for the two days of sales kick off, those who are using IT Structures have actually done it recently and in multiple continents, with no hardware needed, based on our elastic virtual cloud.

Maybe this can make everyone less cranky 🙂


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