Give me the head of HP Printers’ Product Manager

Or better yet, Bring me my missing USB cable.
In my private life I’m also known as the PC technician for the family.
I just had to install two brand new HP printers this week and I’m ready to explode.
I recommended to my family to buy HP, despite the higher price, because I thought it would be reliable and easy to use.
Both printers came with no way at all to connect them to the laptop !
No USB, No Ethernet, No RS 232.
They did come with 120 pages manual in 40 different languages.

By the way, it is unreadable and useless in each and every one of them.

It also came with ton of useless software that takes ages to install and reboot. Funny, I was under the impression that HP makes the money from the Ink and loses money on the printers.
With 2 Trillion dollars a year, can’t they buy a decent product manager from Apple ?

This post is sent to you from a 1Ghz 256MB PC conencted to a 8 years old HP DeskJet 5150, please ignore the typos. I’m babysitting two two years old twins and a blind cat.


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3 Responses to “Give me the head of HP Printers’ Product Manager”

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    […] Give me the head of HP Printers’ Product Manager « Evil Fish […]

  2. oinkinkstore Says:

    They are in the market to make money off printer cartridges. But adding USB cables to the printers they ship out just means more of an expense to them, which means less profit. We wouldn’t want that would we?! I agree they should give you either a free one, or put a coupon on the box for like 50% off one when you buy a printer.

  3. Ivan Chalif Says:

    @ Oinkinkstore

    I like the coupon idea as way to help customers who need one. It makes sense NOT to include a cable with every printer for several reasons:

    1. increased cost to manufacturer
    2. large percentage of users who are replacing a printer, so they already have a cable
    3. environmental impact of the manufacture and disposal of unused cables

    I’ve got a drawer full of usb and cat5 cables that came with products that I have purchased, but didn’t need (the cables, not the products).

    Manufacturers could improve their customers’ experience by clearly indicating whether a cable in included or not. By including a cable (and marketing it on the packaging) it could be a product differentiator if competitors do not. Otherwise, they should indicate that a separate part is required. Toy manufacturers figured this out years ago with regard to batteries and accessories.

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