Great Service Saves Horrible Products

NSU Prinz - Great Car

NSU Prinz - Great Car

Sometime a great service or support person can help even the worst product. I have three recent examples to prove it.

Our company is trying to save money wherever we can and it makes sense. For example, when we rent a car we take the lowest class possible, from the cheapest company there is. This is quite fine, because in the end , it is always one person driving a brand new car.Why should we pay extra for the big brands ?

However, when we decided to go from Alamo (very cheap) to Dollar (cheapest)  we might have made a mistake.

The car I got in San Francisco was Dodge Caliber. It has to be the worst car I ever drove. The sounds are horrible, the engine is slow, but the brakes are even slower.

It does not have central locking, electric mirrors , electric windows or anything one would expect from a car manufactured after 1995.

My mothers’ 1969 NSU Prinz was a much better car. Seriously.

2008 Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger - Nice Car

Still. I  like the service I got from Dollar.When I got to Florida I asked the Dollar manager in the airport for anything-but-dodge-caliber.She was actually very kind and upgraded us free to a Dodge Avenger. Still a Dodge, but definitely an upgrade.  The next day I found out the GPS is not being charged. I admit that navigating in Disney isn’t very hard, but we wanted to be able to escape to Orlando as well.

It was pretty annoying to drive thirty minutes each way,so the airport , so I called Dollar to check if I can drive to a closer center in Disney. To my great surprise, the lady over the phone troubleshooted the problem with me and suggested a hidden, second lighter plug might solve the problem. And it Did ! I was so happy at that time that I didn’t care about Dodge anymore. Way to go for Dollar.

The other demonstration happened yesterday, when I finished my not so tasty-quite expensive  Tune and Shrimp salad in the resort. When I went to pay for breakfast, the women in front of me had all kind of strange coupons. Instead of letting me wait on line, the administrator just told me to continue with no payment at all. I asked again ,to make sure I would not be sent to the Disney Prison . and she replied “it’s OK, go ahead”.

I was not waiting in line more than thirty seconds. Right away, amazed by this great gesture , I forgot  about my salad ( the nice Banana bread also helped a bit ). The lesson – great support and right attitude can help a lot even when the core product is broken.


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