Comparing San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Humus and Maple

  • Google works better in San Francisco. All the newest services are available and it even seems that QA is done on local addresses, which sort of makes sense.
  • Buses are really nice and cheap for $1.5 , and you can use Google the calculate the best path. It even suggests the savings of public travel compared to private cars. Everyone is extra kind to people with special needs, which is something Tel Aviv should adopt.
Google Public Transit Map San  Francisco

Google Public Transit Map San Francisco

  • There are public cars that can be used on pay-per-use base.
  • There are NO women clothes at all in the big Diesel shop on Castro. In Tel Aviv it is quite the opposite.
  • The cashier in Safeway would not sell me wine without a passport proving I’m actually 35 years old. After spending two hours in the line it was quite annoying. They had an 88-cents-for-toilet-paper campaign that day…
  • Almost every restaurant has a big Sign that says “According to California law we must inform you this building contains hazardous materials that might cause cancer, birth defects etc” . What a great way to start a dinner. Why don’t they just shut them down , if it is really that dangerous ?
  • The Humus in Tel Aviv is much Better, and you can’t even compare the Pita
Humus in San Francisco

Humus in San Francisco

  • Pure Organic Maple syrup, on the other hand, is a great invention, almost as big as the French Toast Customized Challah
  • Pure Maple Syrup Image

    Pure Maple Syrup Image
  • Most SF restaurants serve dry, cold bread for starters (But not “Catch” in Castro). In Tel Aviv warm, freshly baked bread is the norm.
  • In Tel Aviv the becomes the lettuce becomes stale in four days. Through some secret kind of magic the lettuce stays fresh for a Month.
Fresh Crisp lettuce - For a Month !

Fresh Crisp lettuce - For a Month !

While Tel Aviv is Much more energetic, it is hard to argue that San Francisco is much prettier.

San Francisco in The Rain

San Francisco in The Rain


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3 Responses to “Comparing San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Humus and Maple”

  1. Oren Shomron Says:

    Hey Ophir!

    My wife was shocked when they wouldn’t sell her that spontaneous bottle of wine for dinner one day, and her ID was at home. And she had 2 children with her!

    Crazy stuff.

    Are you staying long?

  2. Sheila Aharoni Says:

    Very funny.
    You must try the Humus from haig’s deli on Clement & 5th Avenue. Not quite like Tel Aviv, but best in SF.

  3. DeanO Says:

    Agreed on Hummus. Although I did find it odd to have Israeli’s take me to the same Hummus Hut in Ramat Gan when it turns out the guy is from Petaluma, a short drive north of San Francisco. On why you can’t find women’s clothing in the Castro. Think about it. Just think about it. You didn’t happen to wonder why there were so few women in the bars? And why the guys were so affectionate?

    One more item, the tomatoes in Tel Aviv are much better than San Francisco, that’s a fact.

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