Pico Insights for The New Year

1. Bank of America was not open on Columbus day. I ended up opening an account with Wells Fargo. Later that day I tried to get a prepaid cellular. The guy in the shop stopped talking to us five times to take calls from his friends. We walked out without buying anything. than we went to Jubili to get some frozen yogurt. since there was no one in the counter we decided to wait for dinner ( sweets before dinner is bad for you anyway, my mother says so ).

Pico Lesson – you can really sell a lot more if you just stay at the shop, keep it open and focus on sales.

2. My GPS decided to drive me crazy , literally. Instead of going through 101 it drove me through the toughest, weirdest South San Francisco roads. It just refused to use 101 or 280.I was not able to find the solution , not even on Google.

Pico Lesson – If you are using the cheapest car rental company, reset the GPS once they give it to you. Otherwise you  might have “Avoid Highways” flag turned on. I guess the former driver was a spy.

3. Banks in the states would not give you a credit card without credit history, even if you have lots of credit history in other countries, or lots good income. They want to test you for a year. Isn’t that funny ? , considering they just lost some 800B$ they gave away to people who everyone knew don’t have a penny?

Pico Lesson – Cash Is King.


2 Responses to “Pico Insights for The New Year”

  1. ykaul Says:

    Re. the state of banks – just read on IRC:
    What’s the difference between a pigeon and an investment banker? A pigeon can still leave a deposit on a Ferrari.

  2. BBA Says:

    American Express does allow you to transfer your foriegn credit history. It is the only credit card company to my knowladge that does that. If you happen to have an American Express card in Israel it’s just a matter of phone call to get a good credit history in the US.

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