Cows and Angry Person Beat Python and NHibernate

Till someone develops a real Natural language processing algorithms, stupid titles like this one can fool search engines everywhere. I thought it would be funny to share with you the top searches leading to this blog.

I was hoping to attract managers and developers across the world, but it seems that pictures of cows and angry persons are the big contribution I have to offer to society.

The good news are that “Turks Porn” (3)  is less needed than “smartest person blogging” (4).

The sad news are “angry person” (122)  beats “product manager” (40) quite easily.

And it must mean something that more people are looking for “Giant Plastic Cows” (4) than “Nhibernate resumes” (3). I just don’t know what.

cow 238
angry person 122
evil fish 95
problem 47
writing algorithms 21
product manager role 20
product manager 20
python 13
dead at 27 13
cow pictures 10
ophir kra oz 10
algorithm writers 9
ophir kra oz blog 7
running dog 7
team problems 7
ophir kra-oz 7
“it structures” “kra oz” 6
product management case study 6
evil looking fish 5
driving while reading 5
corporate phonebook 5
clones 5
evil sarcasm 5
case study product management 5
software recruting images 4
morissey 4
angry developer 4
giant plastic cow 4
making money writing software 4
smartest person blogging 4
product management study 4
sell algorithm 4
head up display 4
cows 4 cv 4
funny cows 4
irony sarcasm cynicism 4
ophir kra-oz blog 4
microsoft 4
plastic cow 4
product management case studies 4
product management role 3
cow picture 3
make money from linkedin 3
turks porn 3
programmers making user interfaces 3
evil fishes 3
manager role 3
nhibernate resumes 3
cow photos 3


One Response to “Cows and Angry Person Beat Python and NHibernate”

  1. Ido Schacham Says:

    I have the exact phenomenon with my blog, only funnier: (in Hebrew)

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