Agile and Product Management

The Crancky PM In wrote an interesting disscussion on Agile software and Product Management.

My two cents ( not really doing Agile by the book , but have read peopleware all the way through):

  • Agile seems to be a good fit for SaaS models. Customer feedback is immediate and you can change things quickly. This is one place where product management as a whole is quite different. You can see what you’re customers are really doing ( all of them ) rather than just speaking to them every so often.
  • It is less of a fit for traditional enterprise product management in which cycles ate 12 months long.
  • Agile or not,  one still needs requirement documents, business goals and architecture. What can be saved is the detailed specifications. Actually this moves work form PM to developers. Now the developers have to right the detailed SPEC ( aka as unit test ) instead of PM writing long documents.What a revenge.

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