Can vCloud do This ?

VMWARE announced a new cloud based VMWARE solution also quoted at . There are still quite a few details on the actual offering. Judging from the past, VMWARE products are impressive and well thought of, but the proof is in the v-pudding.

Virtual Machines Under The Clouds, sort Of

Here are some questions that are waiting for an answer :

  • Is the product really multi-tenant ready? while virtual center has a good separation of permissions and  reasonable resource control, it lacks true customer segmentation when failures take place.
  • Is the system scalable? While VMWARE offering is quite scalable within the Enterprise , cloud based offering requires a different magnitude of capacity, load and change frequency which are quite hard to achieve with a legacy architecture.
  • How much operational work is needed ? a true SaaS solution requires that very little operational work is needed on regular basis, on one hand, and that administrators have lots of control on the other hand. This implies a new level of automation and self healing,unlike the one in a typical data center controlled environment.
  • Can it handle complex networking and storage setups ? Typical enterprise environments are rarely made of a single server in a simple LAN attached to a local file server. While they can be done with VMWARE, setting them up in scalable, self service manner is far from trivial and it remains to be seen if vCloud helps here.
  • How does VDC-OS handle security and wide area networking ? It is critical for an Internet based service to handle Internet based access control and overcoming performance challenges that exist over WAN.

While it is possible to solve these challenges, it takes the right mind set and a lot of expertise.Once more information is available, it would be possible to understand the exact capabilities.


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One Response to “Can vCloud do This ?”

  1. ophirk Says:

    Some Updates:

    1. Seems that it is mainly API and Spec. Implementation need to be done by Cloud vendors.

    2. Details on the API would be generally available by the end of the year.

    3. Some parts that help to implement the API would be provided in VMWARE products and some management can be dpne by Virtual Center.

    4. Some say 40% of the work is done and Mid 09 is when things will be publicly available.

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