Free Sony Vaio Light Blue Cleaning Cloth – Corporate stupidity

We have two cool Sony Vaio laptops. Unlike most of our boring X61s ThinkPads they are shiny and smiling.

Unfortunately, when one of them just broke and we had to get it fixed. Now I got it back from the repair with the stupidest letter I have seen in a while.

Dear Valued customer

We Regret your Sony VAIO product required service and we want to be sure you are completely satisfied with your experience in dealing with our repair center.

As a small token of our appreciation we have inserted a light blue VAIO cleaning cloth into your unit.Please use this cloth to maintain the cleanliness of your LCD screen*

* Please refer to reverse side for proper cleaning instructions.

Really. I will scan the copy when I’m back at home.

A $3000 laptop is broken for a month. We had to buy $2000 replacement and lose at least five net days on getting it fixed. And we get a cloth ! for free ! and it is light blue ! How about a free iPhone ? that would make me happy.

Oh, maybe it is just my guilt, but it seems they also accuse of meof not being clean enough…

And to put the final touch, there are cleaning instructions on the back page.  Sure , we know how to defragment a Sony Vaio hard drive and remove sypware from the registry, but how does one use a duster ?

Final Warning :

Note: If there are tiny black or bright points ( red, blue, green or white ) that cleaning does not seem to be able to remove from an LCD dispaly , it is possible that the display has a defective pixel.

Any my free advice to anyone taking a shower ( and Sony support in praticular ) :

Note: When you take a shower,If there are tiny bright points ( red, blue, green or white ) that cleaning does not seem to be able to remove from your head, it is possible that these are your eyes .Beware to clean gently with our small appreciation of light blue cloth. Do not scratch the surface…


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One Response to “Free Sony Vaio Light Blue Cleaning Cloth – Corporate stupidity”

  1. adisababa Says:

    i agree that too many companies do not take the opportunity to turn a sour moment into a loyalty building moment. Cellcom, the israeli cell phone company, had dire moments in its early days when the nortel network dropped calls. this was in its early days as a 2nd player in a monopoly dominated market. it was a great case study of making customers happy when a service provider fumbles. every one had to come in fro a firmware update but got a free battery. the made sure waiting in line will be fun too.

    i am tired of sony. their quality is not what it was 30 years ago. when you buy their laptop you are not buying a computer, you are buying an electronic toy

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