Morissey Tracking Buses in Tel Aviv

On Tuesday, I went to get my tickets for the Morissey concert in Israel. I was walking next to a bus station in Tel Aviv when a blind person asked me if line 26 was actually stopping at that station. It was not, and I tried with few other people to help him find closest station.

It made think. How hard would it be to put all the station data in electronic format than can be downloaded to a PDA with GPS capabilities or to a cell phone ? This way, all the information could be read out loud to people who need it . Moreover , it should be quite easy to transmit live data on the buses location and arrival, which would be great for everyone.

The cost should be next to nothing, as all the info is avilable, the hardware is ready and with wirless internet at 100 Shekels a month if is quite afforadble.

BTW, the concert was great. Asaf avidan gave a great opening act followed by a bizarre New york Dolls show. Morissey was a true idol, looking much like Elvis. Now that i have seen The Pogues,The Water Boys,The Pixies and R.E.M in concert i just need to catch a New Model Army and Depech Mode show:)


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One Response to “Morissey Tracking Buses in Tel Aviv”

  1. ykaul Says:

    Live tracking of buses in SF/Auckland, etc. –

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