Why Do Recruiting Companies Act As Spammers?

In Israel, recruiting companies send tons of non relevant CV’s  that need to be to filtered  out. After I spent hours defining the exact features of my beloved employee, they disregard everything I carefully crafted.

For example, When I asked for a veteran, C++, team leader I got a visual basic junior programmer with two years experience building his high-school site.

When I asked for .Net C# UI expert who worked on enterprise software, I got a free lancer with lots of networking experience who wrote an amazing SMTP proxy.

The easiest thing is to blame the recruiters for their laziness, lack of technical understanding and false summaries they attach to the candidates resume ,without even interviewing the.

However, the real problem lies in the existing compensation mechanism in the market. The recruiters get paid for “success”, which translates to a one month salary for each candidate that is actually recruited. Of course, if you get the same candidate from multiple sources, the first source gets all the compensation.

Not really the same context, but funny

The best way to for the recruiter to make money ,in this case, is to send as many CV’s as he can to all the customers without any filtering, as soon as he can. Let’s say the recruiting company gets 1000 CV’s per month, and it’s trying to recruit 100 open jobs. Their best option is to send 100,000 emails right when they get the new CV. Every minute of thinking, summarizing, interviewing or spell checking can result in losing all the capital from this CV.

Since they don’t get punished for sending too much twaddle, they are “just” optimizing their income.

Maybe it is time for a new reward mechanism. How about the following idea – I’m willing to pay $1000 for every relevant candidate resume. However, I’ll deduct $200 for every non relevant CV they send my way.

Assuming it takes 10 worthy candidates to recruit one, they would get $10000 if they don’t send any “noise” my way. If the ratio of signal to noise is 1:1 they will get 10*$1000-10*$200=$8000. If they send five bad resumes for each good resume they will get $10000 – $10000 = 0$.

This method makes sure I will get CV’s quickly and accurately. Seems the big problem is how one judges what a “worthy” CV is, but there is a simple answer. The companies usually don’t send the candidates contact details until you ask them to reveal his contact details.

It is fair to assume that if you ask for a candidate details, you think he is worthy candidate.

It is going to be hard to change the industry standard, but I believe it would be good for everyone. Today, the hiring companies think they save money, while it is actually spent on filtering and interviewing which should have been done by the recruiters. What do you think?

Picture used from http://www.flickr.com/photos/walmartmovie/17170407.



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