Irony, Cynicism, and Sarcasm

I have just found a very funny quote on the Hebrew Wikipedia.

In Hebrew the confusion is prevalent between irony ( saying one thing meaning the opposite, disparity between human desires and the harsh realities of the outside world), cynicism ( lack of confidence in the kindheartedness of people ) and sarcasm (sneering). The reason is that irony serves many times as a means to express  sarcasm and cynicism.

 The English Wikipedia is quite different .

It is a great example to the way language reflects culture, although I’m not sure how.

My favorite example comes from a remote hotel in the Puerto Natales, Chile  , very near to the “end of the world”.

The hotel is used a lot by Israeli backpackers, so there are 2 signs above the fire place.

The first one is in English:

“Do not dry your clothes over the oven”

The second one is in Hebrew (translated here)

Please, Please, Please do not do dry your laundry over the oven. It is very cheap to dry it upstairs in the machine. The owners of this hotel are very nice and kind to the Jewish people. There has already been a fire in hotel two months ago when someone dried their trousers next to the oven.


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