Dead on 27 – Marketing On The Local Radio

Dead On 27

On my very short daily drives to work I usually listen to the local 102fm  radio station.

When I lived in the suburbs I used to read Haaretz daily news on the long way to work, but had to stop after I got a 500Nis fine for reading-while-driving. It seemed the cops were bothered that I did not install a head-up-display.

I recently noticed that some of the commercials are quite good. Most radio commercials used to be cheesy, low budget, explicit descriptions with horrible music rip-offs.

“Joe and Son Belgian Style Welding is the Best Belgian Welding in Israel. You will not be able to find a cheaper Belgian Welding firm in Israel”

In the last few weeks , I heard some really cool ones, which are fast, catchy and very cheap to make. My favourite is :

Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix. There are some things that you have to see on time. TravelTours – we arrange trips to oversee concerts”

IMO, it is a great example of an effective ad . On 2004 I flew to London just to see Shane MacGowan leading the Pogues, before his drinking habits would send him to  other side. I did the same with Pixies ,RHCP and the Water Boys, but will probably never get to see Nirvana in concert ( I’m Still waiting for The Smiths reunion ).

The spot is targeted to the relevant audience, it is very short, but the message gets through very sharply. It uses humor , but also touches a deeper notion and makes you remember the value proposition.

Since top performers rarely show up in Israel , coordinating the travel and ticket purchasing can be quite a hassle. This company identified the need and found an excellent way to distribute the message to the right audience.

Copyright  – Top picture is taken from amazon through Adam Hersh Posters. Added a link so you can buy it, since I didn’t find copyright information. Assuming they are OK with it.


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3 Responses to “Dead on 27 – Marketing On The Local Radio”

  1. Adam Hersh Says:

    We are ok with it. Thanks for pointing a link for people interested in purchasing it.

    -Adam Hersh

  2. Credit Where Credit is Due, Original Marketing « Evil Fish Says:

    […] is Due, Original Marketing I just learned that Vee Cee Co Op are the guys who created the dead on 27 radio commercial i […]

  3. Dani Says:

    and btw
    not traveltours, but ontour (

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