What you paid for is offically not supported

Some surprising facts I learnt during last months.

Shipping companies don’t have to ship.Server companies don’t have to give alerts.Security companies products don’t have to work with other security companies products.

1. If your shipping company looses a 10,000$ server they were supposed to ship, you’ll not get back your money. It has something to do with the Friblich treaty for worldwide shipping. Doesn’t it make you happy ? 
One would assume they at least notify the customer beforehand. We would have done the insurance.Yep, this is the same treaty that lets airlines loose luggage on a regular basis

2.  IBM sells high-end servers that do not report when they are overcooked.

  • Politically correct:  “The expected Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) CPU and ambient temperature alerts through IBM Director, similar to other systems, do not occur.”
  • Politically Incorrect : “Your X3650 10,000$ server is on fire. We are sorry. This is a known limitation”.

3. “Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR1 client/manager communication does not function if Checkpoint VPN client software is installed on the client. ”

We actually got our money back for the 3rd one. We’re almost at 2010, is it too much to ask QA to check it ?


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One Response to “What you paid for is offically not supported”

  1. Sagi Rubin Says:

    Tell me about it…
    Only one thing hurts more than loosing a $10,000 server…
    Its loosing a personal belongings box of $3000…
    Which happened to me. irriplacable items… and 2 months for them to even admit it was lost.

    Go Fedex (die USPS)

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