Fighting Spam With Plastic Cows

Cow MailThis post is a bit off-topic, but should make you smile.

Few days ago I got the following tempting colorful Spam in my mail box.

If you can’t read Hebrew, the offer is to plan and produce and any plastic object you can think of . He claims to represent the biggest manufacturer in China.

Plastic Spam

This got me a bit annoyed, since it was not the regular type of spam and it bypassed the great spam filter I use. So, to make things more intresting I sent the follwing RFP.

“Please send me a price offer for creation of a very large plastic cow model.The cow needs to be in black and white , 2*.40*1 meters.I need a price offer for 1500 such cows for April.It should look like this ” (cow picture goes here) 


I never thought I would get an answer, and I assumed my sense of humor (?) would be clear to the spammer. Not So. It is a great  world if one can create a cow from a picture grabbed of the Internet. Preahps it is has something to do with cloning .

Here is the response I got.


I felt this is becoming a bit childish on my part, but I decided to try one more round.

I had no idea how much should my giant plastic cow cost. While the the dimensions are quite  big, so is the quantity of the order. 40$ seemed a bit high, but since it includes the shipment costs of 1500 giant cows it sounded “right”.


I believe this is a good time to stop. The sender seems to be a small time player and not a big mass spammer. Although he is breaking the Israeli law, there are greater problems in the world that need solving.


Worth1000 is a great picture site that seems to need assitance.


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One Response to “Fighting Spam With Plastic Cows”

  1. Boaz Kantor Says:

    Hilarious. I’d go all the way and find a spammer who “sells your stuff on eBay” to buy them from you for $120 a piece 🙂

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